Mobile game is now available with the remarkable progress in terms of graphics and gameplay no less than the PC. However, the game has a simple element, not too complicated graphics have always had a strong foothold with mobile gamers. Geometry Dash is a game like that. This is a difficult game but there is a high level but in line with the entertainment needs of the majority of mobile users.


Geometry Dash is a high-octane side-scrolling adventure with a great soundtrack. Brilliant fun and challenging game of this popular epic is a colorful and addictive jump fly and even reverse gravity. As part of the rhythm genre-based rhythm game music played an important role in achieving the end of each level.

Simplicity and lightness is an outstanding advantages of Geometry Dash. Gamers in the role of a square cube, overcome all obstacles posed game with a very high clay move.

Despite a simple graphics, but the game is a colorful world. Tones always be transferred seamlessly between green, red, purple, ... This could cause you a feeling dizzy because of the constantly changing so very easily cause eye disorders.


Lightweight graphics suitable for all models
Gameplay is simple but has a high difficulty retaining gamers
Easily create multiple scenarios challenge your friends.


Colorful world can cause eyestrain quickly
High difficulty daunting part gamers lack of patience.

Geometry Dash is a great game for a mobile phone, not only easy to play but also common compatible with many models on the market today.

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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

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