Geometry Dash is a great game too and attractions, a colorful world filled with magic and unique sound, so that even if the introduction and promotion of more then this game also has a foothold very firmly in the gaming world.


Recently, Geometry Dash continued improvements and upgrades to give birth to a longer version is also very impressive and it's attracting Geometry Dash Meltdown. In this version, Geometry Dash only includes three levels of difficulty, but the truth of it enough to give the grams of hard to focus manually.

In this version, the rules do not change much, however, is somewhat more diverse and attractive. Geometry Dash begins with the control of a square hero who accelerated through dangerous levels. Avoid traps and obstacles overcome. Improve your reaction speed in this exciting game for Android. Touch the screen to jump. Jump over walls, fences, and other obstacles on the road. Jump from platform to platform. Avoid the spiky, fire torches, saws and other death traps. Using rockets and other bonuses that will help you complete the level. It sounds simple, but to control this character, you will definitely have to take some effort.

Geometry Dash Meltdown vary from spikes, pits tooth gear with organisms likely.  The colorful and sympathy with the most spectacular goals from the beginning of the level design is simple and reasonable to the speed at which Geometry Dash you play it does not give us much time to admire the scenery, but do your part well and adjust the style of play. No doubt the effect is the big hit of the section to have a show of light and color for each hop that manages to surprise the players.

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