Geometry Dash is a game that is receiving a lot of love. It is too simple a game where you will jump and fly your way. You get a lot of experience through the games seemed very simple.


You can find many levels in the game like Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Poltergeist, Dry out, after Base Base, Can not Let Go Jumper, Time Machine, Cycles and much more. There are two modes in the game called training mode and normal mode. There are different colors, shapes and characters already in the game and you need to complete tasks to unlock.

The level of Geometry Dash is usually very small platform surrounded by countless dangers, and is probably the most difficult thing for each level that you can not control the character's movement. However, no matter how difficult they might be in trouble, but the challenges and obstacles tend to repeat over time, so you are sure enough practice to master them.

Moreover, each level in Geometry Dash have a special song that can only be enjoyed if you play the levels in normal mode. This makes it fun to progress through the levels, all of which match the rhythm of his songs. However, you can grow a little annoyed and tired of constantly hearing the same songs if you die a few times and have to play from the start.

Geometry Dash is a game of style platformer where our sole objective is to avoid all the pitfalls we encounter along the stage, in order to complete the levels without our character cast end pieces.This character started being a cube, but as we can go beyond levels customizing with different shapes and colors all new mind.Also we suffer some changes as we move through the levels, becoming a vessel, a wheel or even a UFO.

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