Be a game with very simple graphics, the gameplay is nothing new, but in recent days Geometry Dash is really addictive game for any believer who has ever played it.


Geometry Dash Lite for iOS action game genre Endless Running Run with no end. Your task is simply touch the screen to move a box jump over obstacles consecutive appearance on the track and set new records. It sounds very easy to play but very Geometry Dash "brain damage" not least the outstanding product or series as Flappy Bird Swing copters ... Currently, players can experience the free Lite Geometry Dash across the background Android platform with exciting gameplay and compelling. Although omitted some displays as well as other features compared with Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite still extremely interesting and creates craze in mobile entertainment.

Owning normal graphics and simple gameplay but Geometry Dash Lite again reached number 5-star rating on the App Store is extremely high. Game can make you mad and threw the phone away but hard to end up being. Reason? Because Geometry Dash struck a chord with gamers who prefers conquering game hard, and the harder, the more "hegemony", the movement increasingly frantic play.

In Geometry Dash, you will dance its way and there is no pattern at all, jumping through all this danger to other dangers, until you ... they've got enough. However, with a sound platform EDM its fascinating past each table, players will feel strangely fascinated, the audio matched dance steps makes you feel excited and never bored.

In addition to just jump out, you can through the gate to move to different areas and rides on his various equipment as well as a different way of normal movement, eg spacecraft will take you to outer space, or trace the throne radio ...

Geometry Dash game is indispensable for any mobile device, without waiting any longer portable machine up and download this game right for you. Geometry Dash Lite is now available for free on both iOS and Android 2 platform.

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