Geometry Dash is a game based on tempo runs, is developed by the company itself Rob Top Games.


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Geometry Dash currently has 20 official levels, including level 17 can start playing again from the beginning with unique music and lively sound. Besides 20 official level, there are millions of custom levels. To access the custom levels, the player must have the full version.

Subjects notably you can use the blocks, rings, jump pads, portals, spikes, and use the money (which was originally brown, but they can be verified by Rob Top and turned into copper silver) among others. Verified coins can be collected for the new symbol, or be used to unlock the basement (which is located in the settings menu).

In this game, you will play as a small cube with the goal of navigating through an obstacle anymore to get to the end of the level. Jump and fly your way through an endless stream of obstacles in Geometry Dash, a rhythm plat former dua. Su systems use a one-touch controls guide your customized character through a maze of barbed and obstacles in the intense pace. The beat of the music will help you to time your jumps to perfection and dislodge during high reached last challenge of the level of Geometry Dash.

Currently, Rob Top Games also provided both Geometry Dash 2.0 version with 18 levels and can be played on the computer. You can play online or download free.

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