Geometry Dash is a very popular online games and enjoyed for mobile phones.


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Born in 2013, Geometry Dash quickly became engaged and interested in the world of gaming entertainment. In fact, this is a pretty simple game, activity based on rhythm and music unique. This game has all 20 levels, experiencing each level, players will enjoy a different musical background, impressive, distinctive and unique.
Geometry Dash quite friendly with the players, because, this game relevant and compelling cause for both adults and children. In this game, players have to jump through all the obstacles and the best direction to avoid touching the challenges along the way. Every time completing a level, Geometry Dash will automatically unlock the next level.
You can collect their stars and gold coins on the road to power. To get the stars in the Geometry Dash, you need to focus on speed and your time. Since you can not control the speed, you can work to improve the timing of your game. When you finish the level and advance to the next level, you will unlock new icons with a achievement. You can earn more stars by completing the user created levels.
Coins and stars play an important role in Geometry Dash to help you succeed. To win the game, you will need a lot of coins and stars.Coins can be used to implement a way to improve your game and you can purchase various upgrades by paying coins. But you need to collect a lot of coins to unlock upgrades benefit the quality high.
Geometry Dash is a great game for those days of tension and fatigue with anyone.

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