Geometry Dash is a really difficult game to win, but the addictive game play for players by appealing and interesting.


As Robert Topala statement, Geometry Dash was created in the prospect of moving in any direction freely. From the beginning, the game was created for the computer, however, after it has been developed and improved or released for mobile devices. The authors of the game, named Robert Topala been inspired by the famous game Super Mario. It took Robert Topala four months to create and release introduces its games on the app store. From the beginning, the game is called Geometry jump and only seven levels. However, over time Geometry Dash is now updated to version 2.0 up to 18 levels with more than 100 remarkable achievement.

In this game, you play as a small cube with the goal of navigating through an obstacle anymore to get to the end of the level. Like the Android and iOS versions, all you can do for your character to make a cube little jump by tapping the spacebar or Up, arrow keys. As the game progresses, the blocks can be transformed into something like a shadow or a ship, each form has its own unique body.

Geometry Dash has two types of controls, short notes or keystrokes repeated. The use short strokes to make the little jump high or short (depending on the manner in which we are) and will help the character jump buocdai continuously through a series of obstacles.

One more thing worth mentioning in this version is the soundtrack is quite simple but subtle. Plus, the characters are selected and combined diverse preferences and your wishes.

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